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Inspirational wall art décor

Digital art prints by Joseph Xerri

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Inspirational Wall Art

A truly alternative take on reality. Joseph Xerri, artist by nature and graphic designer by profession, creates stunning inspirational artworks that would brighten up any living room, or really, anywhere else in the house.

A talented creative since the early days, Joseph Xerri’s art draws on the dramatic and the surreal, as can be seen by his selection of inspirational wall décor and the astounding level of detail present in these illustrations. Buy these framed inspirational art prints (framing available upon request) and brighten your home!

What inspires Joseph Xerri?

How are these digital art prints created?

The work in process

From concept to completion, creating a mockup or a rough sketch is where Joseph starts off in search of the perfect artwork. Choosing the right imagery is a very important step, since images have to work together, have the same lighting and the same perspective to gel in a proper composition.

After this, the composition itself starts to be built, blending together assets with the skilful use of Adobe Photoshop techniques. At times, digital paint is involved, including light and shadows. This adds a further layer of realism through blending. Once the blending and composition are done, it’s time to add the right colour grading. The end result involves the production of several test prints, where the artist tries to bring the colours on the prints as close as possible to those on the screen. 

This process is what brings Joseph’s framed inspirational wall art to life.